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  • Acer

    Acer projectors

    Acer is one of the current market leaders for projectors (source: GFK 2011 by volume) and offer one of the broadest and most sophisticated product ranges. Whether you are looking for entry-level projectors or high-performance installation projectors with 5500 ANSI lumens brightness, they can all be found in the Acer range. As a contractual Acer Online Partner, we can offer the entire Acer projector range but are also able to supply accessories. Our highly trained staff will be glad to help with Acer products!


    BARCO Projectors an Projector Parts

  • BenQ

    BenQ projectors

    Benq is catching up in 2010 with a sophisticated new product line! As an online partner we are able to present the whole range of projectors. The Taiwanese manufacturer wants to stand out this year, especially with its range of short-throw projectors (ST) and home cinema projectors (W-series). Our trained advisors will be happy to assist with your selection!

  • Canon

    Canon projectors

    Canon is held in high regard for its qualities in photography reproduction. The Canon XEED series is regarded as one of the best projectors on the market. Hardly any other series of projector has such a true color reproduction. This is thanks to the use of LCOS technology in the XEED range. In addition, you can find the high-quality LV Series LCD devices which offer excellent value for money. Our staff would be happy to advise!

  • Casio

    Casio Projectors an Projector Parts

  • Christie


  • Dell

    Dell Projectors and Parts

  • Epson

    Epson Projectors

    Epson supply a full range of models from consumer to education to high-end installation models. Their home cinema TW and LS range are one of our most popular.

  • Hitachi

    Hitachi projectors

    Hitachi projectors focus on the business and education sector. They range from light business projectors to education short throw projectors - a complete range for the professional environment. Our well trained advisers are happy to inform you about Hitachi projectors.

  • InFocus

    InFocus projectors

    Infocus has more than 20 years experience with digital projection and is considered a veteran in this field. This year their product line up is is focused on the areas of business and education. Our consultants will be happy to help in choosing your Infocus projector!

Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items