Why Buy From Us?

Projector Service Center Part of Largest Projectors dealer & Proejctor Service Provider in the Hyderabad, India. Experianced Technicians With us, we offer you both technical expertise and superior service for your home & office projectors..

Projector Service Center sell products by all of the manufacturers listed on our website. In most cases we are more than a reseller, we are a direct dealer who also receives training, demonstration units, and to service the items we sell.

Authorized dealers, like us, offer peace of mind.

  • Meets manufacturer standards, from sales to service, in order to receive authorized status.
  • Receives training directly from manufacturer representatives and shares that expertise with you.
  • Provides service and support for all the products they sell.
  • Ensures that manufacturer warranties will be honored.
  • Buys directly from Distibutors & Manufacturers and stock products in their own warehouse.
  • Observes proper business practices and show fiscal responsibility.

The Internet is an incredibly convenient information source and a wonderful way to find savings on the products you want. Protect yourself online by buying from authorized dealers.

Concerned About Fraud?

Projector Service Center has been selling projectors online since Years. As the internet has become a more popular source for online shopping, regrettably we have seen more and more instances of fraud affecting online shoppers.

A Price Too Good to be True? Usually Is.

If you've ever searched for a product on a shopping engine (such as PriceGrabber.com) you may have asked yourself, "Why are the stores I know of charging so much more than some of these other stores?"

Our customers often share these stories with us, so we thought we would share a few with you, in hopes that you don't fall prey to any of these unscrupulous sales tactics.

  • Goods may be gray market. They may state that the product includes the manufacturer warranty, but not tell you that the warranty is valid only in Europe, Japan, or South America, and NOT in the U.S.A.
  • You may be asked to buy an expensive extended warranty. In many cases if you do not purchase the warranty, your purchase will be denied. (The product is now out of stock, your card does not go through, etc.)
  • Included parts may be sold to you separately. Some resellers will open boxes and charge extra for parts that are normally included by the manufacturer. We have heard of power cords, lamps (the original not a spare), filters, etc. being sold this way.
  • Hidden charges which don't show up until your credit card statement arrives. Unscrupulous resellers will add taxes (even when purchased out of state), insurance (at a much higher cost), and other handling charges not listed on your original invoice. These charges only show up when your credit card statement is sent to you.
  • Unfair return policies. Be mindful of restocking fees, and rules that do not allow for returns even when the item is not opened, or is damaged.

So how do you protect yourself from online fraud?

Buy from an authorized reseller. If you are at all suspicious, you should be able to contact the manufacturer directly and ask if a company is authorized to sell their products. It is speculated that a large number of scamming companies come out. 

Ask for a written quote with the total price. This will help you win an argument with your credit card company more easily, and may deter some fraudsters from proceeding with a scam transaction.

Projector Service Center's policies and procedures for returns, price-matching, and more.

We hope that you will become our next happy customer. And we promise to offer you superior service before, during and after your purchase.