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NEC projectors are intended for professional use in the commercial or public sector. The product range offers many high quality projectors with special features for advanced users. Our trained experts will tell you in detail the features of each product series.

NEC ProjectorsNEC is a key player and has been in the projector market for many years. NEC has always been strongly represented in the education sector with most of its product range designed for business and education customers. The home cinema projector does not play a key role in NECs product portfolio. Many of the NEC projectors uk have been tested and NEC projector review results can be found in computer magazines rather than home cinema publications. NEC now offers extended warranties for education customers - this is a growing sector for NEC. The basic NEC projector is an excellent buy, especially the M series which provides excellent value for money in terms of its connections and optics. NEC also offers a wide range of short throw projectors suitable for use with whiteboards and interactive boards. NEC is currently developing its own range of installation projectors. It is worth mentioning that NECs RMA management is exemplary.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items