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LG started to bring their know-how from the LCD TV market to projectors in 2010. The South Korean company offers some excellent projectors, some featuring LED technology (HS200 and HX300). Some other highlights of the LG home cinema projector range are the LG AF115 which uses the SXRD technology or the LG CF3D which allows the user to project 3D signals in full HD.

LG projectorsLG is one of the world's leading electronics companies. In addition to LCD and plasma TVs, Blu-ray and DVD players, the Group produces a s wide range of consumer electronics, making the LG brand, the most frequently used in our living rooms. LG projectors form a large part of LG's product offering. They range from home cinema to business projectors. The LG projector range has been one of the first to introduce LED projectors. While other manufacturers are only now introducing the first generation of LED devices, LG are on their third or fourth generation of LED devices. The current LED projector series is led by the innovative HW300Y. Also in the home cinema market, LG offer an exceptional device, the LG CF3D provides the only projector using the polarization technology, whilst other manufacturers use the shutter technique. The advantage is that you can work with much lower priced polarization glasses and the projector is suitable for larger audiences.

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